Re: Orca My experiences with FireFox 3.0 and

Hi Erik,
what "Freedombox" are you talking about?
Firefox has a caret browsing mode, which is supported by Orca. In
addition the Orca team created a Orca controlled mode of the caret
browsing, that's however not similar to the virtual buffer. It simply
stabilizes the caret browsing provided by Firefox. It is useful to a
certain extend, but, as Lorenzo has stated, gets stuck some times, and
it doesn't support all operations that can be done on a webpage - see
also Lorenzo's mail.
In addition there are certain keys that navigate the page: "h" moves to
the next heading, "o" to the next chunk. Using the shift key moves
However: There is a small bug I reported a few days ago: Firefox has a
lot of hotkeys using the control key and a letter, among them control+h
and control+o. This keystrokes cannot be used anymore, since Orca
interprets them as navigation operations for headings and chunks.
You see: We still are at the beginning, and there's a lot work to be

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