Re: Orca a few things regarding orca + firefox 3 in feisty

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My box is running Edgy and is experiencing the same problem as in Debian
unstable.  It does seem to work from the Feisty Herd4 live CD it it is
in fact running FF3.  I need to try Herd5 which was just released and
see how it works there.

You're right that it isn't an orca problem.  I disabled orca and
experienced the same problem, I just never mentioned it on the list
because I had already sent my message before I tried disabling Orca.  I
guess I should ask you if you have the firefox from the repository
installed when you try getting FF3 running on Edgy.  I kept the original
installation so that I could revert back to it if I had any problems
with FF3.  But I guess I can remove it if it's absolutely necessary.
Also, did you use the binary provided from the ftp site or
did you build from source?  I got the binary and am having this problem.
I haven't tried building from source.  Something like FireFox is a
little more complex than I would like to build from source.

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