Re: Orca a few things regarding orca + firefox 3 in feisty

Hi Will,
I start the news feed page and type "h" the first time. Orca announces: "No 
headings found". I tab through till I come upon the first heading, which is 
the page title. When I type "h", I come upon the other headings, which are 
the news headlines. This is the same in Gecko and Orca caret mode.
When I use Gecko controlled caret mode, I hear "heading" respectively the 
German word, when I land on a heading.
When I use Orca controlled caret mode, I don't here "heading", however I 
land on the headings. Maybe it is a problem of the German version of Ubuntu 
and/or Orca.
Are there known issues when using Linux and Orca in other languages than 

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