Re: Orca a few things regarding orca + firefox 3 in feisty

On Sa, Mär 03, 2007 at 11:12:49 -0500, Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
I just tried getting the latest firefox dated today and I get a segfault
as soon as it starts.  There is no error message other than the dreaded
segmentation fault message.  The window doesn't even fully open and the
segfault occurs about half a second after the program starts.  I did
grab and install the latest orca from svn as well.  It may be
interesting to note here that firefox 3.0 has failed in this same way on
several separate attempts to use it in both Debian unstable in November
last year and now in Ubuntu Edgy.

I have the same problem in debian unstable.
A few days ago I reported  the same problem to this list but
We should mention that the error is not an orca related one.
FF does not start even if orca is disabled.
Under edgy and feisty ff3 works fine.
I don't know whats wrong under debian but I am intersted in to get this 
work under debian too.

Best Regards 

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