Orca a few things regarding orca + firefox 3 in feisty

Hello list,

I updated my edgy to feisty today.
Orca works with nightly ff 3 but some things were a bit different.
First I could not tab through the update dialog under help.
Another thing is:
While tabbing through a website, orca changes something on the 
brailledisplay but the speechoutput is slow.
It needs two seconds to say the new link.

The headings problem
Now orca can jump to the news but sometimes it tells my that there are 
no headings available if I want to read any news.

I mean open ff www.heise.de
press h twice.
You are on the first news. Now press enter.
Now the opened site must have a heading with the begining of the 
selected news but orca could not find it sometimes.

The caret:
Whats the right navi mode? Orca controled caret or gecko controlled?
If it is the orca controled thaen do I need to switch into caret navi 
mode f7?

Best regards

Halim Sahin
halim.sahin (at) t-online.de

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