Re: Orca a few things regarding orca + firefox 3 in feisty

Willie Walker wrote:

Note that the initial caret position on a freshly loaded page can be 
somewhat unpredictable in Firefox.  I've tried to refrain from having 
Orca force a caret position on a new page, however, because some pages 
seem to end up with the caret right where you want it.  For example, puts the focus on the search text area immediately.  I'd 
hate for us to interfere with things that work well in Firefox.

The reason that works with the Google homepage is because the included
JavaScript uses the DOM focus() method to jump to the search input. Note
that some scripts may move focus in response to user interaction or new
data from the server. So I guess Orca really needs to follow Firefox
when a new focus event occurs.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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