Re: Orca Another translation question

Hi Will,

The main thing to do is to translate the character into the word(s) that
a native speaker of the language would choose.  IMO, if the TTS engine
has pronunciation problems for words, the TTS engine should be fixed
rather than trying to accommodate its shortcomings in the client.   One
of the reasons for this is that there are a variety of TTS engines that
can be used with Orca; accommodating the unique pronunciation
characteristics of just one of these engines might  end up having
adverse effects on the other engines that get it right.

 agree with you that the Orca translation must not depend on a specific
 speech engine. But the example I mentioned is from my point of view not
a specific problem of the espeak engine that I use; it is more the
question if the speech engine supports more than one language and
recognizes a english word even in a german text:

The symbol » « represents the english word »at«. In German this is not
translated but the majority just uses the English word »at«. If I send
»at« to the espeak engine using the german voice it pronounces »at« like
a german word which sounds quite unfamiliar. I don't know if other
speech synthesizers can do this better.

There are only few strings (maybe 5-7) which should remain in English
(Although the use anglicisms become more and more popular in Germany the
GNOME Translation Team tries to avoid English words and to use German
words only). In these few cases I had the idea to »translate« the words
into a kind of pronunciation for Germans of these english words. It's
not that specific for the espeak engine and I would espect other engines
that support German would pronounce these words quite english as well.

I hope that I was somehow able to explain the problem and my idea. Of
course, I can leave the strings in english if you like and if other
engines can handle this better than espeak. Please let me know.

Thanks, Jochen
Jochen Skulj
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