Re: [orca-list] form field structural navigation

I agree with you Hermann on redefining the hotkey to "f" for example,
that would feel much better imho.
Another test case where the navigation doesn't work very well is where you can order tickets and see time tables and
availability of train tickets. The first form where you decide where to
go and from where you're going is no problem, but next page is more
difficult. The cursor doesn't land on the right form fields and
sometimes it doesn't speak at all when it lands.

hermann wrote:
Hi Joanie,
the main tester is back again ;-)
A brief comment to item 2: Till now I found not much difference in
correctly/incorrectly speak/braille field labels.
But the majo issue is item 1: It doesn't work too reliable.
Check the form fields forward and backward. I found out, that especially
when I move backward, Orca doesn't land on the fields surely.
Sometimes it seems as if the Orca modifier key is not recognized, so
that, in fact, you press shift+tab. Could of course be a handling
problem, so what about redefining, for example "f"?
Next problem: When I've visited several sites, doing search on the last
one, pressing Orca+Shift+Tab, I hear the whole history, e.g. Orca tells
me where I've been before and then says where I've landed.
Finally a very annoying thing: When pressing the form navigation keys,
Orca does not release the modifier key. Result: If you press the arrow
keys, you decrease/increase rate or pitch. Another argument for
redefining the keystrokes.

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