Re: [orca-list] form field structural navigation

hello herman,
since you raised the issue let me give my inputs.
firstly if there is some thing good in any technology, we must except
it and you are absolutely right on that.
firstly my personal view is that I and many others oppose non-free
technologies more due to phelosophycal reasons rather than technical
reasons.  and more due to practical reasons and realities rather than
technological flaws like virus.
so forms mode is not being opposed to oppose windows.
and my research as an accessibility specialist showed that with lesss
efficient or less feature rich orca, first time blind surffers found
it easy to work on the internet just because they were not bothered
with the forms mode.
I say this on the basis that if we were to strictly oppose windows, I
would have never suggested the links list and the frames list which
comes with jaws under windows.
and freedom scientific nither gives me freedom nor is scientific.
there are many sites which jaws + ei combination don't work but with
orca they do work. is one such example.
and forms mode and vertual buffers beccome a real pain when we are
working with a sited colligue.
he never would know where our vertual cursor is and rooting the jaws
cursor to vertual curser does not always do the right thing.

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