Re: Orca free text-to-speech engines for ?

Hi Tomas,
thank you ver much, I could switch the synth to German.
Two problems remain:
1. Although the volume settings in espek-generic.conf are already set
as you suggested, I can't turn the volume up. Is it possible to use a
value >100 in speechd.conf?
2. speech-dispatche rproduces a startup problem. Although it starts
with the system, it doesn't speak. The user is set to "113" instead of
"root". What went wrogn during the set up procedure?
Note to Willem: The difficulties in switching the synth to German
were in speech-dispatcher and orca, not in the stand allone version of
espeak. You can copy the default voice as you suggested. You can also
start espeak with the option "-v voicename", thats easy to do, but
to set up orca correctly was the task I couldn't complete till Tomas
told me how to manage.

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