Re: Orca newbi: need help on finding dependencies for orca setup for ubuntu

Thomas Ward wrote:
Well, as I said earlier v1.8 which I think is going to be 2.0 is currently an unstable version. It will be out when it is ready, and I can't really blame them for including a version that is less accessible but stable.

Ubuntu Edgy has Firefox 2.0 beta 1. Our plan is to continue to add bug fixing updates to this branch toward the final release of Ubuntu 6.10 at the end of October. Even if Firefox 2.0 final is not out by then we will likely still ship the latest 2.0 RC.

Those who have tested OpenOffice (2.0.4) in Edgy with Orca report good results (it seems to me to work as well, though I'm not a screen reader user so no expert).

- Henrik

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