Orca newbi: need help on finding dependencies for orca setup for ubuntu

I am Krishnakant Mane from India.  I have been so far using screen
readers at the command line like emacspeak and yasr.
now I want to use the ubuntu desktop after finding that Ubuntu is
being used by so many people with gnome desktop so well.
I tried to use gnopernicus on the system because ubuntu offers it by
default with 6.06.1-desktop.  but I did not get it running (tried
Finally I think it is high time I shift to orca.  I however can't
figure out how I can get it installed.  I need to know what .deb
packages I should download to get orca installed on my ubuntu dapper
drake 6.06.1 gnome desktop?  I can't let Ubuntu figure it out because
I don't have internet connection.
due to some reasons I have shifted to another apartment and it will be
a while before I get broadband internet connection.
I have to go to a cyber cafe and download what ever I want.  they even
wont let me connect my pc to their network.
any ways please provide me the list of packages (.deb) I need to
download as dependencies.  also provide me the order of their
I will like to know if a totally blind person can install and start
orca from the command line?
if yes then what's the step?  I right now don't have any sited
assistant who is well worced with gnu/ linux.
so I need all essential commands and I am also new to gnome myself.
if I can compile it from source I am ready to do it as well.
but I will like to use the latest stable version so that I get all the
bug fixes.
after I use it, I will also like to contribute by being the part of
the developer community.
by the way, does it also work with openoffice set of softwares?

thanking all

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