Re: NetworkManager and domain names

On Sat, 2009-12-05 at 13:34 +0000, Rick Jones wrote:

> OK, thanks. I just wondered, as I've never perceived a need for a FQDN when 
> using a mobile link. I don't use Evolution.

Evolution works just fine, the problem is with only posts to newsgroups
that needs a FQDN. 

> I do find an irritating problem with 3 in that sometimes it fails to 
> provide DNS addresses, and I have to disconnect and re-connect to pick them 
> up. I'm pretty sure it's not a NM issue, just something glitchy with their 
> connections or maybe the sh*t ZTE modem. :(. Seems to be worse with low 
> signal strength, so maybe the link just loses the info. and never re-tries.
> Do you ever get that?

Yes, loads. Rather than disconnecting, I plonk the correct DNS addresses
into /etc/resolv.conf whenever that happens. Usually I get the 10.x.x.x
ones or even more curiouser, the ones. Any ideas why? It's

One very high maintenance cat living here.

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