Re: OpenSSH VPN support


On Thu, 03 Dec 2009, Darren Albers wrote:

> This sounds great to me!  I have been considering trying OpenSSH VPN's
> but never bothered since OpenVPN worked so well with Network Manager.
>  I might give it a shot now, I would encourage you to continue, there
> are certainly people out there who could use this.

I don't really have any technical comments to make but I'd like to say:

  Yeah me too! Please do this! I promise to use it lots!!!

As a regular user of multiple ssh port forwards, an ssh VPN always sounded
like a great idea.  A one-click setup sounds even better.  

A further thought in case there's some way to facilitate it.  I tend to ssh
into a bastion host which in turn allows me to ssh into a private host
further into the network.  I daisy chain port forwards across the two ssh
sessions.  I haven't tried but if it were possible to daisy-chain a VPN
through two or more ssh sessions that would be great and if your gnome
setup could somehow facilitate that, that would make things even more


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