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Dan Williams wrote:
>>>> This is great! Both the networks i tried work with NetworkManager. This is
>>>> a pretty big step for Wifi users i think. Especially those who aren't
>>>> familiar with command line and wpa-supplicant tweaking.
>>>> I still have one question though: the networks with TTLS and PEAP are both
>>>> recognised by networkmanager, but when i try to connect to them by
>>>> clicking on them, i dont get the option for wpa enterprise. I have to
>>>> manually connect to the networks to make the connection work. Is this a
>>>> bug and do i have to file this bug, or is it a well known problem?
>>>> Keep up the great work!
>>> there is no way for nm to find out if its a wep dynamic network or not.
>>> so you have to tell nm this info.
>> I don't think you understand my question. I know NM can fill in all the
>> details about the network. But right now i have to choose for 'Connect
>> to other network' to plug in to the wireless network that uses Dynamic
>> WEP because i don't get the wpa enterprise option when i click the
>> network from the list of networks that NM has found. The option 'Connect
>> to other Network' is only for connecting to networks with invissible
>> essid's right?
> Right, because the network is Dynamic WEP and doesn't not push out
> anything in it's beacon that says that it supports 802.1x
> authentication.  It appears as any other non-WPA AP would appear, and
> neither NM nor any other tool can figure anything out from it's beacon
> without you chosing "Connect to other network" first.
> That said, Dynamic WEP should probably be an option available for
> non-WPA networks in the dropdown.  The current location of Dynamic WEP
> is wrong in the dialog.
> NM should also have cached the BSSID of your AP after you've
> successfully connected to it.  NM should now automatically connect to
> _that_ BSSID automatically, but if you go to another place on campus
> that you have not been before, you'll have to choose "Connect to other
> network" again, because that AP also does not advertise any attributes
> that would allow NM to detect that it is Dynamic WEP capable.  Or, you
> can ask your sysadmins for the BSSID of all APs on your network and
> pre-populate GConf with them.

I've found that, at least with KNM, this is not the case. I don't
suppose that you can necessarily speak to that (not sure how much KNM
actually does, or whether it's almost exactly the same as NM applet,
etc)., but... at any rate, that's my experience.
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