Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

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Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
> Peter Van Lone wrote:
>> my wireless driver is:
>> IPW3945
>> Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network connection
> That's strange. I've been running with that device for ages with no 
> problem at all. What's your distro/version etc.?

I have this problem. Mine is ipw3945, driver version 1.1.0m, On Kubuntu
Feisty kernel v2.6.17-11 (because 2.6.20 breaks USB on my laptop). Mine
works just fine if and only if, seemingly, I boot with "Disable
Wireless" set in knetworkmanager, then turn wireless on, then try to
"Connect to Other Network." If my network becomes unassociated, I must
do this trick again to repair it. A simple reboot with wireless left
enabled will not fix the problem. My SSID is hidden, and my auth type is

>> 1)is that one of the devices that is supposed to be effected (I am not
>> familiar with iwl4965)?
> I've only had the problem with the new Intel n-draft 4965 device

I think that there may be problems in some versions. I cannot really try
others right now to check.

>> 2)Has setting the SSID using NM with the AP_SCAN mode at 1 (instead of
>> using iwconfig to set the SSID) been tested and it works?

Have not tried this, but both when I use wpa_supplicant and NM, I always
used ap_scan=2, and I'm assuming this is because it is a hidden SSID. I
at one point had failing and succeeding wpa_supplicant messages, but the
gist of it is that it seems to be failing at the association phase, and
it would appear as if the BSSID that it thinks it's dealing with is all

> By me and yes - but it's a hack in the current state of affairs.
>> 3)if simply changing the AP_SCAN mode to 1 will work, then how would
>> one do this, and still use NetworkManager ... is it as simple as
>> creating a wpa_supplicant.conf file and specifying that value?
> Nope - You'd have to apply my patch and rebuild the application as 
> things are now.

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