Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

Darren Albers wrote:

wpa_supplicant.conf would only be used if you managed it yourself and
not via Network-Manager.

It is in the source under nm-device-802-11-wireless.c look for:
const char *		ap_scan = "AP_SCAN 1";

HOWEVER, looking over the code it looks like the code is different
than I remember and uses ap_scan 2 when the AP is non-broadcast.  You
could try changing that to 1 and see if that helps but the easiest way
to do this would be to create a wpa_supplicant.conf and call it from
wpa_supplicant manually and see if you can associate.

I'll force it to use 1 or 2 this evening, and see what kind of success that will give me.

I'll keep you guys posted.


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