Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

Peter Van Lone wrote:
1)NM is not properly handing the SSID to wpa_supplicant (is failing to
do what iwconfig does when you use it to set SSID), or
2)wpa_supplicant is not running in ap_scan=1 mode

In the released version of NM, it uses AP_SCAN 2 for hidden networks and rely on that to work, which it just doesn't in this case.

As to why we don't just use the AP_SCAN 1 "workaround" -> AP_SCAN 2 works for other drivers, it should work for the iwl4965 people too. This is a problem of fixing things in the place that need fixing, not working around thing everywhere else. That said - the workaround is a temporary solution if you need it *now*.


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