Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

On 8/8/07, Thomas M Steenholdt <tmus tmus dk> wrote:

> wpa_supplicant only - ap_scan=1:
> The hidden network is found during the scanning, but is never identified
> as my network, since wpa_supplicant expects a certain SSID and the
> hidden net shows an SSID of "" (SSID mismatch).  The device SSID is
> never set.
> (as soon as I set the device SSID with iwconfig in this mode,
> wpa_supplicant makes the association happen)

perhaps I am just being dull ... but is not the above exactly what
should happen? From the perspective of NM, if an SSID is hidden, a
user would need to supply it by choosing "connect to other wireless
network". Once the user types in the SSID, NM *should* pass that to
wpa_supplicant, and then association should occur.

Or, am I missing something?

In my case ... since "connect to other wireless network" does not
work, it appears that one of two things must be going wrong:

1)NM is not properly handing the SSID to wpa_supplicant (is failing to
do what iwconfig does when you use it to set SSID), or
2)wpa_supplicant is not running in ap_scan=1 mode

So ... either the hand-off is broken or the mode is wrong. (and the
mode appears to be unsettable from the NM gui, which is another issue
to my mind --- linux is about choice, right?) :-)

Anyway ... we don't need wpa_supplicant to "find" the hidden SSID, do
we? We just need it to succeed connecting, when we TELL it the SSID.


ps -- sorry if I am being obtuse, perhaps my sig line below applies? :-)

Everything is vague to a degree you do not realize till you have tried
to make it precise.

Bertrand Russell

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