Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

Dan Williams wrote:

So the problem with this patch is that it doesn't actually take account
of what AP_SCAN values actually do...  That said, AP_SCAN is _horrible_
and reflects wpa_supplicant assuming too much about what it should be

.. snip ..

1 means wpa_supplicant scans around and tries to find the AP.  But if
the AP is "hidden", wpa_supplicant won't find it because wpa_supplicant
doesn't know how to find hidden APs.  NM works around that by caching
the BSSID after a successful connection, and when it finds that BSSID in
scan results, filling in the SSID.

2 means NM must fill out the config for the network completely, and
wpa_supplicant just blows those settings to the card and waits for the
association to succeed.  This is most closely analogous to a lot of
'iwconfig' commands.  Only in this mode can wpa_supplicant really
connect to a hidden network, because NM would have given wpa_supplicant
both SSID and BSSID.

So it's understandable why wpa_supplicant doesn't set the SSID on the
card when you give it AP_SCAN=1, because it can't _find_ that SSID in
scan results precisely because the SSID isn't broadcasting it's SSID.

In this case I'd more suspect driver issues.  Or, you could try a
straight wpa_supplicant configuration with both AP_SCAN=1 and AP_SCAN=2
and see which one works, without NM in the picture.


As I mentiond, plain wpa_supplicant, iwconfig works fine for me. In my wpa_supplicant.conf i don't even have an AP_SCAN option and as I see it, wpa_supplicant uses a default of 1 in that case. I could be mistaken here.

NM uses AP_SCAN 2 for all hidden networks. If NM needs to fill in all the info, including BSSID, for wpa_supplicant, then that's probably exactly what fails. John W. Linville pointed out that there are some issues with mac80211 pre-authentication scanning, making it unable to see hidden networks.

AP_SCAN 2, in this case, just doesn't work (note: using my old 3945 device, I haven't had any problems like this for a long time). So whether You think that the patch ignores the purpose of the AP_SCAN values, using 1 and an SSID push to device makes it work better here :).

I'm not trying to "defend" the patch in any way, since it's clearly a sort of "proof of concept" patch. It makes NM push AP_SCAN 1 to wpa_supplicant and sets the SSID on the device in order to make the association happen. As you point out, this is probably no the right(tm) way to do this, but it makes wireless usable for me. AP_SCAN 1 also seems less secure than 2, since it doesn't care about the BSSID to make the association.

The right way to fix the problem as I see it, would probably be to get the mac80211 pre-auth scanning working properly.


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