Re: Fwd: Re: Volunteers for the membership committee

Hey there.

Tobias Mueller wrote:
I don't know how to test if the voting system behaves correctly, though. I'd love to see a test election with, say, three votes and check if it records the votes correctly. We can also try to compile a result then, because I currently don't how to do that efficiently.

I invite you to give your vote at with the tokens muelli auftrags-killer org and nf51jOC51{2,3,4}. It is open until this midnight (around 7 hours left).

If everything goes well, I'd say we can go live on Monday, 2009-06-08.

Well, I managed to compile a result using OpenSTV from The trunk version doesn't work. In order to have the encoding work properly, I needed to add the following trivial patch:

---     2009-06-07 21:45:56.391744128 +0200
+++  2009-06-07 21:33:01.532619218 +0200
@@ -440,7 +440,7 @@
     self.index = 0
     self.fName = fName
     f = open(self.fName, "r")
-    self.buffer =
+    self.buffer ="utf8")

     # get nCand and nSeats

I think, we can announce the elections being held from Monday, that is, in roughly 4 hours.

I hope I can send to foundation-announce.
If anybody wants to help re-announcing the elections, I'd be really glad :)

I am about to reannounce the timeline. I just updated the website and the iCal file.

So long,

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