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Contact Information:
Name: Kristen Nielsen
E-mail: krn AT krn.dk
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): 
svn.gnome.org username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: yes

GNOME contributions:

I was very involved in the GUADEC 2001 in copenhagen, has been participating in GUACED sice then (except 
Cambridge and Istanbul due to study). 

Besides I am a long term member (since 1994) of the DKUUG.dk board which   is the "hidden" sponsor of many DK 
opensource activities including coding, translation projects and mirror services.

I have missed the foundation renew mail in 2008 which is the reason that I missed my foundation membership.

See you again in Las Palmas next month.


Detailed description:
Conference GUADEC2001 Copenhagen
Running the Gnomemirror at ftp.dkuug.dk for a few years. 
Participating in GUADECS almost everey year since 2001
Daily gnome user, and advocate.
Donated the guadec.org domain through dkuug.dk in 2001 (for 10 years)

Anne OestergÃrd (anne AT oestergaard.nu) (Ex borar member)
Benjamin Berg (benjamin AT sipsolutions.net) (Fondation member)
Mads Chr. Olesen (shiyee AT shiyee.dk) (Foundation Member)
Magnus Ãstergaard (magnus AT gnux.dk) (Foundation member, rendering stuff)
Federico Mena Quintero (federico AT ximian.com) (many Gnome Things)


Other comments:
I hope to be put on the memberlist again. I was a member until summer 2008  where I fell out, because I have 
overlooked the renewal mail as I had my master thesis exam during that period. 


[Application received at Sun Jun 7 13:30:54 2009 (Eastern time)]

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