Re: Fwd: Re: Volunteers for the membership committee

First of all, thanks Tobias!

On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 20:47 +0200, Tobias Mueller wrote:
Hey :)

Baris Cicek wrote:
I'm afraid I can't work on this. I don't have anywhere that I can work
on it. 

Jeez, what are you doing in Moscow? ;-)
Indeed, even I don't know what the heck I'm doing in here. :))

I think it's better to reschedule voting period, and if there's any
question, ask me and I'll try to answer in a day or so. 

Hm. I'm porting the changes from the maemo Repository. I think that I'll 
be able to produce the wml files which will hopefully be turned into PHP 
scripts on the server side.
Any objections?
No. Indeed you can basically copy and paste most of those stuff into
wml. You need to put javascript bits for new voting system.

My concern is, that I have a shell account for only and 
I don't have any MySQL power at all. So I can't reliably test those 
generated PHP scripts and I can't set the MySQL things up. Also, I can't 
generate voting tokens or test the voting alltogether.
I prepared the database structure to work with new code. So you won't
need to alter the database. And current credentials file for voting
database will work when you push your changes to foundation-web

However you will need database access to fetch membership data, and
submit them into database for temporary tokens. I don't know what to do
about this, I might share my mysql account, but it's better a new
account to be created with necessary permissions on foundation database.

Maybe it helps if you could enumerate the necessary accounts or 
privileges so that we can pass this on to the sysadmin-team (which is 
rather new as well).
You (or somebody) need full access on foundation database. Everything is

For necessary tools, I'll fetch them from my account and send them.

Thanks for keep things rolling. 



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