Re: Fwd: Re: Volunteers for the membership committee

Hey :)

Baris Cicek wrote:
I'm afraid I can't work on this. I don't have anywhere that I can work
on it.
Jeez, what are you doing in Moscow? ;-)

I think it's better to reschedule voting period, and if there's any
question, ask me and I'll try to answer in a day or so.
Hm. I'm porting the changes from the maemo Repository. I think that I'll be able to produce the wml files which will hopefully be turned into PHP scripts on the server side.
Any objections?

My concern is, that I have a shell account for only and I don't have any MySQL power at all. So I can't reliably test those generated PHP scripts and I can't set the MySQL things up. Also, I can't generate voting tokens or test the voting alltogether.

Maybe it helps if you could enumerate the necessary accounts or privileges so that we can pass this on to the sysadmin-team (which is rather new as well).


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