Re: Fwd: Re: Volunteers for the membership committee


Le dimanche 31 mai 2009, à 14:03 +0300, Baris Cicek a écrit :
Unfortunately I'll only be able to complete it on tomorrow. Worst thing
is I need to fly to abroad tomorrow and start packing up in an hour.
I'll try to complete a working system on my web space. If it'll work on
'working database' there's nothing to worry about, but if it won't I'll
try to find internet connection tomorrow and make it ready. 

Worst case, I'll let committee before voting period, and we can announce
change to election schedule (ie. postpone election start) if nobody can
fix it earlier. 

Now if I won't send mail in an hour, earliest time I would inform about
the status is tomorrow. There's not much work to do apart from changing
some text on Maemo repository though. 

So, hrm, what's the status here? Is help needed?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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