Re: Renewals of the memberships

<quote who="Vincent Untz">

I like the idea.
But doing this at the end of September is not really a good thing : we
would have the big work juste before the elections. I'd rather make the
memberships end between January and June so we have enough time to renew
them. (Else we'll see dozens of members asking us if they'll be able to
vote because we wouldn't have the time to renew their memberships before
November 1st).

If renewal is just a matter of replying to an email with a silly random
string in it, to an address that has an automated procmail thingy to check
the string (and save the email into an archive somewhere in case there's a
problem), then the work is basically reduced to:

  * build a file of silly strings and email addresses
  * automated mail to all the members reminding them to renew by replying to
    the email by a certain date
  * tick off people as they reply, or let the script do it and check it at
    the end
  * remove the other members, and settle late renewals manually with
    furrowed brows

You could do this during September, and close it on the 30th, with lots of
time left until the elections.

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
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