Re: Renewals of the memberships

Le Vendredi 19 septembre 2003, a 00:28, Jeff Waugh a ecrit :
<quote who="Vincent Untz">

Note that the real work for us is to remind ourselves to send the renewal
mails, except if we send a one-time bunch of mails for every member who
needs to renew in September and in October (instead of doing this weekly,
for example). And I'm not sure it will be easy to not forget someone if we
do this manually.

A number of volunteer organisations I've been involved with have switched to
year-to-year memberships independent of when the member joined. SLUG, for
instance, has renewals for the entire membership in March - which coincides
with the AGM. Perhaps we should do the same thing at the end of September
every year. This would also significantly reduce the committee's workload.

I like the idea.
But doing this at the end of September is not really a good thing : we
would have the big work juste before the elections. I'd rather make the
memberships end between January and June so we have enough time to renew
them. (Else we'll see dozens of members asking us if they'll be able to
vote because we wouldn't have the time to renew their memberships before
November 1st).


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