Re: Renewals of the memberships

<quote who="Jody Goldberg">

What does everyone think? I personally feel that 1 year memberships are
fine, although I guess that might mean more work for the membership

Looking at contributor life cycles historically one year seems a better
match than two.  However, I don't want to swamp the membership committee.

    Do they have the systems in place to support annual renewal ?  Will
    this double their work load ?

If renewing current members is just a matter of building a quick and dirty
"work out if we've received a reply to a renewal reminder email" script, we
can whip up some procmail-fu fairly quickly to reduce the committee's work
load. I don't think renewal should be as deeply inquiring as becoming a
member in the first place (given the current membership policy).

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
                  Push the envelope, or push the daisies.

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