Re: Renewals of the memberships

Le Vendredi 19 septembre 2003, a 00:12, Jeff Waugh a ecrit :
<quote who="Jody Goldberg">

What does everyone think? I personally feel that 1 year memberships are
fine, although I guess that might mean more work for the membership

Looking at contributor life cycles historically one year seems a better
match than two.  However, I don't want to swamp the membership committee.

    Do they have the systems in place to support annual renewal ?  Will
    this double their work load ?

If renewing current members is just a matter of building a quick and dirty
"work out if we've received a reply to a renewal reminder email" script, we
can whip up some procmail-fu fairly quickly to reduce the committee's work
load. I don't think renewal should be as deeply inquiring as becoming a
member in the first place (given the current membership policy).

Note that the real work for us is to remind ourselves to send the
renewal mails, except if we send a one-time bunch of mails for every
member who needs to renew in September and in October (instead of doing
this weekly, for example). And I'm not sure it will be easy to not
forget someone if we do this manually.


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