Re: mc and utf-8 again but different

On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 12:40:31 +0100, Michail Vidiassov <master iaas msu ru> wrote:

But "ncursesw" is just the default name for ncurses library with
_additional_ wchar functions enabled.
Wide enabled version may still be named "ncurses" (as in Mac OS X)
   and the standard library name is just "curses" anyway.
If you do not use wide API but ncurses fails - may be ncursesw ans ncurses
are of different versions on your system.

Yes, libncurses and libncursesw are compiled with different parameters on Fedora, as I have seen. libncurses without UTF-8 support. But they share headers files.

Now I see, that adding ncursesw option for --with-screen is not needed. Only configuration script should detect if ncurses library support UTF-8 and wide characters. So I have made new ncurses patch. It prefers ncursesw library if exists and show warning, if doesn't find any ncurses supporting UTF-8.

tarballs were updated, all contain new and old version of ncurses patch, but not applied.

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