Re: mc and utf-8 again but different

Hi Rostislav,

On pondělí 12 listopad 2007, Rostislav Beneš wrote:
> But when I swad my edits in mc, I changed my mind. I rejected utf-8
> everywhere idea and checked out the newest version of mc. I designed api
> for strings (I assumed it before, so no big problem) and make variant for
> ascii, 8bits encodings and utf-8 (and possibly other encodings, that
> support backward reading). I imported good ideas from previous attempt and
> created final set of 30 patches. Each patch has small comment in
> mc-utf8.txt. Utf-8-patch don't occur in my pathces.

The string api is a great improvement over the original utf-8 patches. The 
code is now much more readable. Nice work.

I can see that you did not patch the internal editor. Did you look into it?
Do you have any comments?

I tried to run this in utf-8 xterm and it does not work. It seems
that a call to SLutf8_enable(-1) in slang_init() is missing. What
version of slang did you use?

Vladimir Nadvornik

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