Re: Issues with recent utf8 patch

On Thu, 22 Nov 2007, Rafa┼~B Mu┼╝y┼~Bo wrote:

It seems that the problem comes from the way ncurses move() works. If I
understand it correctly, if move range is outside (0..screen  width) /
(0..screen height) it moves to the previous/next column/line. When I changed

If the move is outside the screen, wmove() returns an error and does not move at all...

terminal size to 80x20, I got some really silly results when I've gone
up and down File menu several times. Slang variant at least paints it
correctly, though if menu is longer than the term, you can select an
option you don't see. Of course, I don't now pretty much anything about
ncurses, but some bounds checking (no move() outside screen) might help.
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