Re: mc and utf-8 again but different

Dear Rostislav,

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007, Rostislav Bene wrote:

It adds new option ncursesw to --with-screen in configuration script, so ncurses and ncursesw are separate.

I have corrected displaying unprintable characters in view_display_text, too.

I do not see the point in your ncursesw patch -
it gives an option to link against a wchar-enabled library,
but the wide API is not used.

Other problem is that Mac OS X uses UTF-8 for text in files and Terminal,
but UTF-8-MAC (decomposed form) in filesystem.
Thus if I have a file with extended Latin in content and filename
then by default (or if I set Encoding to UTF-8) the panel display
is distorted, since mc counts the number of characters in the decomposed form, that is more than it really takes on screen A+macron =Amacron),
but internal viewer shows file OK,
if Encoding is set to UTF-8-MAC panels come out OK, but
internal viewer shows only questions.

BTW, how can I set the default fs encoding to UTF-8-MAC in mc?
I do not need that viewer too much, after all, it is not "the UNIX way"
to integrate things. ;)

 Sincerely, Michail
 Sorry for not being that clear, I have sleep selfdeprivation problems :(

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