Re: Planet GNOME block (was Re: Page Layout Update)

<quote who="Máirín Duffy">

> (2) Instead of posting post excerpts/subject lines on WGO, post other 
> information. E.g., you could just post hackergotchis, the person's name, 
> and how recently they said something on PGO, and where they are from. 

That's my preferred option, should we beyond a banner link to pgo. A row of
five unique latest-post hackergotchis (easily done with a Planet template),
not including titles or summaries == win.

> (unless people start getting wild with their hackergotchis... ;-) )

Naw, I have an even stronger editorial policy on hackergotchis than I do on
aggregated blogs. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 

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