Re: Planet GNOME block (was Re: Page Layout Update)

<quote who="Quim Gil">

> The cool gnome-is-people Planet block with its little hackergotchis and
> its genuine content renewed automatically several times a day all year
> round should be discarded to avoid... the rather small probability of
> having offensive words during some hours in the title of a blog post of
> a GNOME contributor trusted enough to be aggregated in Planet GNOME. 

It happens regularly enough that I don't think it's worth the trouble.

> Considering also that probably GNOME contributors will think it twice
> when using these words if they know that they will automatically appear
> in the wgo homepage. Also peer moderation would play a role if something
> like this would ever happen. 

I don't want to put any more pressure on bloggers than having their blog
published on Planet GNOME already does. We already have self-censorship due
to the size and nature of the audience - increasing the responsibility to
wgo is (in terms of the goals of Planet GNOME) totally inappropriate.

Planet GNOME *should* be a wild west of "the world, work and lives of GNOME
contributors". I don't want Michael to stop blogging about Sunday's sermon,
I don't want Thomas to stop blogging about normal life in a poly family, I
don't want Zaheer to stop blogging about politics with a UK-based Muslim
bent, I don't want Miguel to stop blogging about Mexican electoral fraud, I
don't want Cody to stop blogging about recitals and string practice, and I
don't want Rich to stop blogging about... whatever it is he blogs about.

I've thought about this whole Planet mess, including its culture and impact,
quite a bit, yeah? I don't think any of this is unjustified or extreme.

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
                 ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.

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