Re: Planet GNOME block (was Re: Page Layout Update)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
Planet GNOME *should* be a wild west of "the world, work and lives of GNOME
contributors". I don't want Michael to stop blogging about Sunday's sermon,
I don't want Thomas to stop blogging about normal life in a poly family, I
don't want Zaheer to stop blogging about politics with a UK-based Muslim
bent, I don't want Miguel to stop blogging about Mexican electoral fraud, I
don't want Cody to stop blogging about recitals and string practice, and I
don't want Rich to stop blogging about... whatever it is he blogs about.

Will it scare people away / offend if we have a little spot on the front page "What are GNOME contributors talking about...?" and there's a post that's not about GNOME? I doubt it. It humanizes the whole thing. I think the problem is offensive language only and I agree with Quim that there's a much smaller chance of that happening. And I don't think we should be trying to censor people on planet.gnome.

Some alternatives to avoiding PGO on the front page completely -

(1) You could do the equivalent of a 'bleep' on excerpts posted on WGO and if people go to PGO then they'll see the post in its full glory... so you're not censoring folks on PGO in terms of telling them 'dont post these words' and modifying their words on PGO, but just making sure certain words don't appear on the front page of WGO. Ok, so this *is* censorship but is it acceptable done this way? I don't know.

(2) Instead of posting post excerpts/subject lines on WGO, post other information. E.g., you could just post hackergotchis, the person's name, and how recently they said something on PGO, and where they are from. E.g., could be a 'Who's talking now in the GNOME community' box or some such with a link to PGO. It would still humanize GNOME by showing what people look like, where in the world they are from, and it would show how active a community it is as well. And it would upsell PGO to folks that might not have known about it without a chance of offending (unless people start getting wild with their hackergotchis... ;-) )


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