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Hi Karderio, thank you for challenging the home with good arguments.  :)

El ds 09 de 09 del 2006 a les 02:32 +0200, en/na karderio va escriure:

> I certainly wouldn't put planet GNOME feeds on the front page.

Others would, since this block was an idea suggested by no-Lee-nor-me. I
think it's appropriate: Planet GNOME is probably our most read GNOME
subsite, there must be reason for that.

>  Users
> either won't know what people are talking about, or be confused to the
> point of suspecting the site to be compromised when they see a bloke
> talking about his last holidays in Spain.

Many will know, or will want to know at least. Let's remember that our
targeted users are freedom/software enthusiasts, independent software
developers, public sector, press and GNOME contributors. That user Joe
with no idea nor interest in free software is not our target.

The PLanet block shows at least that "GNOME is People", something that
apparently we want to make visible and explicit. If the title is too
geeky we will be showing that we know a lot about geek stuff (which is
not bad). If the title is too personal/off-geeky we will show that this
is community made by normal people who also go on holidays to Spain. 

GNOME is People... like you, is what this Planet block would be showing.
Think that Microsoft, Apple and other corps wouldn't dare to have such a
free window anywhere in they websites, leave alone in the homepage.

If we would be showing the last 3 posts, now they would be:

[Havoc's hackergotchi] - DAV and gnome-vfs (Havoc Pennington)

[Miguel's hackergotchi] - Mono, .NET and Linux in Firenze (Miguel de

[Luis' hackergotchi] - Four more miscellaneous bits (Luis Villa)

Not bad. In any case a blog title totally off topic, horrible,
compromising etc won't last in the wgo home more than few hours. These
are a minority, most Planet blog posts are totally on-topic.

> Perhaps something of an introductory text along the lines of "GNOME, the
> soft fluffy computer simplifier !\n\n If you want to know more or even
> see the contraption in action, click 'about'. Find out how to get your
> hands on it by clicking...".

This function is already covered by the Slogan component in the top
right column.

> I do hope that each link in the Primary Nav Bar will link to a single
> set of subpages. For example, when I click on About, I would expect
> *all* the pages in that section to be displayed in the block of links
> shown on the right. This could maybe even be a rule of thumb, anything
> requiring another level of hierarchy being either badly organised,
> superfluous, belonging on another site or in a new primary section.

This is the normal behavior of a navigation scheme, yes. Currently wgo
mixes things up in many cases, both in the top nav bar and the nav bar
block in the right column, but this is something we need to fix. This
belongs to though.

> I suppose the site will be displayed in the language sent by the users
> browser...

We assume this, yes. See
("How do we choose the correct localization?"). Now that you mention it
though, it is not defined in the web policies. I've added a comment to since this should be perhaps
an i18n policy. Thank you for benchmarking our documentation!  :)

Quim Gil /// |

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