Re: * partitioning draft

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Calum Benson">

Of course, nautilus is a particularly troublesome case anyway,  because
many users will potentially never know that their file  manager is called
'nautilus' at all.  So perhaps we'd need to set up  something like as well...

Dodge the bullet entirely. Nautilus doesn't need an end-user facing page
like f-spot would. Nautilus is a function of the desktop experience, so
would be documented/demonstrated for end users there - but there would
*definitely* be a developer-facing page for Nautilus somewhere in our site.

(This is one of the reasons I was encouraging Quim to delve a little further
into this before making a decision - I'll have to respond to him in the top
level of this thread to make that message clear, though.)

Nautilus is a very important part of the desktop (even if users don't know what it's name is, but I don't think that matters). It has some interesting features that users would be interested in. Apple has a page devoted to the Finder, which is somewhat along the lines of what I had in mind: <>. It's not a project page, but rather an information and "cool features" page.


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