Mapping GNOME developers and contributors

Hi All,
OOo has created a community page for their developers at Frappr (,
They already have over 40 members registered and it looks really good.

I know that there is already a GNOME map at
However, it is updated manually, it requires knowledge of world coordinates of location and it's not interactive as Google Maps can be.

Therefore, I created GNOMEDev
with the description:
"If you are involved in any aspect of GNOME development, please join in! This includes people involved in coding, translating, marketing, porting, quality testing and last but not least documentation writing ;-)"

I used the name "gnomedev" to differentiate between "gnome" (not available yet, perhaps a community for users?). I updated the description of the community based on a comment by Eike Rathke (

I'll publish at the gnome-i18n list. Feel free to post to other lists you are registered.

Therefore, visit and register yourself at

Simos Xenitellis

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