Re: response to linus...?

Hi, Santiago!

The teacher in my PR 101 course explicitly warned us to do what you'd
like to do. There're just a few possible answers for such a situation:

 1.) You already recognised the problem: Then say so and that actions
     have already been taken to fix the problem.
 2.) You had no clue but it's an easy fix. Excuse for any problems, and
     say actions have been taken to fix the problem.
 3.) Say nothing for half a year. Meanwhile, fix the problem. Then
     start an ad campaign to fix your image without explicit reference
     to the problem.

An open letter or similar reactions will make angry old-time users just
more angry because we're not fixing something, we just look like we are
trying to 'talk it down'.

It will also engrave the reproach in the public mind. Chances are just
40% of the current Linux users noticed the debate. Opening a second
round will increase the ratio to 60% or higher.

Also, from my perspective, the discussion was, in fact, a real image
disaster for Linus Torvalds.

We already knew what people say about our GNOME's interface design
strategy. This was just a celerity saying it.


On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 01:27:07 -0300
Santiago Roza <santiago roza thymbra com> wrote:

> well, it's marketing (or to be exact, public relations) 101... you (as
> an organization) don't just shut up when someone trashes your image.
> go write a high-profile article trashing coca-cola or intel or
> whatever big brand, and see if their public relations department stays
> quiet...
> "he who keeps silent, consents".  those brands i mentioned would never
> do that, but we do because we're so much smarter than they are, and we
> know much more than them about public image building... oh god.
> anyway, i guess there's no point in discussing marketing issues in a
> list that couldn't care less about what marketing means.  isn't that
> just sad, or am i being too pesimistic tonight?
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