Re: response to linus...?

You're certainly welcome to send whatever response you want, but I'd
suggest that there are many better things to do than respond directly
to Linus. Offhand:

* clarify our statements on usability on the website. It is clear we
do not communicate well why we do what we do, and we have no clear
statement about it on our website, which just complicates the problem.
Possibly one way to do this is to research the common myths written in
the various articles about this minor blowup, and write up a 'gnome
usability truths and myths' document for the website.

* start working on the release notes for the next release,
highlighting what usability changes we've made, and clarifying why
they are important/correct/best for our users.

* take a look at our user documentation, and suggest updates,
clarifications, etc., or file bugs about how usability could be

I feel fairly strongly that arguing with Linus does very little to
actually move us forward. If you must write, and you feel you must
write about usability, there are many other ways you can write about
usability that will be more constructive.


On 12/15/05, Santiago Roza <santiago roza thymbra com> wrote:
> > He was subscribed to the OSDL desktop architects list which he later
> > stated on the same thread that he had believed to be private when
> > posting the message.
> but he cced gnome-usability... anyway, i can rephrase that if it's way
> too inaccurate.
> > I dont think be implied that absolute beginners to be idiots which
> > breaks down the whole message.
> linus said gnome's mentality was "users are idiots, and are confused
> by functionality"... does it really sound like he's talking about
> advanced users?
> > I would suggest working on whatever
> > issues needs to be addressed as the same thread has pointed out ...
> those two things aren't mutually exclusive, are they?  we don't have
> to choose between one or the other; as a matter of fact the response
> is already written.
> > rather
> > than sounding defensive on open letters
> cool, we should just let everyone trash our image in every single
> website on earth, because that's not relevant to us.  what are we
> after all?  the gnome marketing team?  :)
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