Re: [jokosher-devel] Run script for 0.2

On 07/11/06, Stuart Langridge <sil kryogenix org> wrote:
The idea behind the script is precisely that they don't have to worry
about that. I appreciate that they will have to install a load of
dependencies (gcc, make, liboil-dev, millions of other dev libraries)
but once they've done that (and I think what we might say is "on
ubuntu, run 'apt-get build-deps gstreamer gnonlin' " or similar), but
after that they don't have to care that they need to compile it; they
just run the Jokosher script and it does all the work for them. This
isn't a perfect solution by any means, but unfortunately the perfect
solution isn't available to us, because Jokosher doesn't work with any
released version of GStreamer, and working versions aren't in distros
yet. This is a workaround for that problem.

I think it's a great idea. We've always told people they need CVS
GStreamer, but everyone has a different version based on when they did
their CVS checkout. There's no way to tell if people are having
problems with Jokosher or a bit of GStreamer code that happened to be
broken on the day they checked out.

If nothing else, we need to establish a 'blessed' version of CVS
GStreamer that is known to work and has the features we need.

I think not doing anythig as root is a good idea. I trust your skills,
but I'm not running any script on my system as root.  :)

Jeff Ratliff (Gomer_X)

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