[jokosher-devel] Documentation team update

Hello folks,
 Sorry I've been inactive on Jokosher for the past few weeks, but I'm
hoping to spur you all (and myself) into action as we near the release
of 0.2.

Docs site
The help page on jokosher.org now points to our documentation site, so
we can have better control (as the docs team) of getting changes and
updates out to the users. From www.jokosher.org, click "help" and
you'll be directed to doc.jokosher.org where the docs live.

At the bottom of that page is a link to the Development Area, which is
where development takes place. If you haven't done so already, get
yourself an account on the wiki so you can edit. Instructions are

Plans for 0.2
Please let me know if you have better ideas, but here's what I had in
mind for the 0.2 release:

1) Docs in HTML again. Although I've hacked together a DocBook version
of the manual, I haven't gotten with the programmers and had
functionality added to Jokosher so clicking "Help->Contents" will
bring up the manual, so there's no need to release a DocBook version
of the manual.

The current version of the manual in HTML is here:
http://userdocs.jokosher.org/UserGuideEn02, and I'm hoping to get it
updated for 0.2 in the next few days. PLEASE jump in and help if you
can. Fortunately we don't have to write a new manual, just update to
the current code.

2) Translations. There are brief instructions on doing translations on
the development wiki: http://usedocs.jokosher.org. The English manual
can be copied on the wiki to a version for your language. You can wait
until the English version is done, or start now and update as changes
are made.

That's about all I have for now. Let me know what you think. Let me
know if you need help. I'm hoping to have most of the work done by the
15th, so we can get things finalized for the packagers.

Hang in there, and thanks for your hard work and patience.

Jeff Ratliff (Gomer_X)

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