Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines content

At 10:53 AM +0100 8/17/01, Calum Benson wrote:
Just to put a small spanner in the works, I noticed somebody mentioned
"writing good error messages" on IRC yesterday-- I think this is
actually really important and we should add a topic for this, as it
doesn't seem to obviously slot into any of the ones we have.  It might
fit under "dialogs", if we only consider message boxes, or it might
deserve a heading of its own.  Any thoughts?

I have some ideas on this; I'd be happy to take it if nobody else wants it.

I think there are actually a couple of separate issues here. One is the issue of errors caused by erroneous user input; that _might_ fit more under "Dialogs." The other is system errors: network failures, hardware failures, etc., which I don't think fit well under Dialogs. I think system errors probably bear separation into a new topic, which I'd be happy to take.


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