Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines content

Gregory Merchan wrote:

> > >- Default Keybindings (??)
> > >- Guidelines for drag and drop (??)
> >
> > I could write these, but I think Greg might be better qualified...Greg?

> hmm. I might be from the technical or historical side, but from the HCI
> side I would probably be duplicating the parts from the accessibility
> guidelines. 

Tell you what then, I'll draft these two sections for now since I can
just lift much of it from the accessibility guidelines as you say, and
you can all tell me how infeasible it all is when I'm done  :o)

Which I think puts somebody's name against everything on the list:

(o) Introduction (AE)

(o) Usability Principles (AE)

Menus + Toolbars
- Principles (CZR)
- Standard Menus (CZR)
- Toolbars (CB)

- Principles (CZR)
- Modal v. modeless (CZR)
- General layout, standard dialog button labels (CZR)
(o) Standard Dialogs (Property dialogs, what else?) (CZR)

Layout and Aesthetics / Controls and Layout
- Choosing the right control for the right job (CZR)
(o) Why layout is important (CZR)
- Fonts + colours, inc. relevant accessibility/i18n/l10n issues (CB)

(o) Terminology (GM)

Keyboard and Mouse Input basics
- Relevant bits from accessibility guidelines (CB)
- Default Keybindings (CB)
(o) Guidelines for drag and drop (CB)

(o) Reality Checks (CB)

Just to put a small spanner in the works, I noticed somebody mentioned
"writing good error messages" on IRC yesterday-- I think this is
actually really important and we should add a topic for this, as it
doesn't seem to obviously slot into any of the ones we have.  It might
fit under "dialogs", if we only consider message boxes, or it might
deserve a heading of its own.  Any thoughts?

Calum, who's got half the accessibility guide into docbook format now 

CALUM BENSON, Usability Engineer       Sun Microsystems Ireland
mailto:calum benson ireland sun com    Desktop Engineering Group                      +353 1 819 9771

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