Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines content

At 5:51 PM +0100 8/1/01, colin z robertson wrote:
I'm wondering what sort of areas we're looking to cover in the GNOME
2.0 Mini-Guidelines document. Here's a suggested list of things to
include, all of it up for discussion.

- Menus
  - Principles
  - Standard Menus
- Dialogs
  - Principles
  - Standard Dialogs
- Layout and Aesthetics
- Terminology
- Default Keybindings

Is there anything else that needs to be included? Conversely, is there
anything on this list that we should actually avoid for this document?

I would add a general introductory note about why usability is a good idea and covering some general principles. But then again, I'm already working on such a note, so I'm slightly biased. :)

Glancing through a couple of the existing style guides...

I think a brief discussion of "behavior" (mouse behavior, app feedback, keyboard focus, and similar items) is important and should be considered as well; I'm not sure how much is appropriate for the mini-guidelines, but we should add it to the list.

It would probably be a good idea to have at least a very brief note on controls: when to use a radio button, when to use checkboxes, pop-up menus, that sort of thing.

Folks who have done HI guidelines before: are there any areas that in particular tend to be horrible fields of quicksand?

In general, I think we should ideally concentrate our effort primarily on the areas where current GNOME apps are the worst. I'll glance through the Sun and MIT reports and see if I can find anything striking, and play a bit with some apps as well. Anyone have any specific suggestions on that?

Also we need to know what sort of timescale we're looking at. Does
anyone have an up-to-date schedule for GNOME 2.0 development, and can
anyone translate that into a deadline for our work? The only schedule
that I know of is

AFAIK from a couple of the hackers, release is still planned for late this year/early next. I would think that it'd be very good for us to have at least a draft for comment by mid-October (i.e. 10 weeks away). Is that too fast?


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