Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines content

Adam Elman wrote:

> I agree.  I really only have one suggestion on the below list, and
> it's my problem anyway, so if nobody else has any objections, shall
> we simply adopt Calum's prioritized outline and go from there?

Since there didn't appear to be any objections, here is the list again,
but this time with suggested names against some of the sections. 
Perhaps each of us could reply and add (or remove!) our names against
the parts we're interested in writing, until everything has somebody
designated to it?  

We can have a couple of rounds of this, I'm not suggesting (for example)
that I wouldn't be willing to take on any of the other sections, or that
somebody else can't do something I've stuck down my name against if they
feel strongly enough that they want to do it.

Introduction (AE)

Usability Principles (??)

Menus + Toolbars
- Principles (CZR)
- Standard Menus (CZR)
- Toolbars (CB)

- Principles (CZR)
- Modal v. modeless (??)
- General layout, standard dialog button labels (??)
- Standard Dialogs (Property dialogs, what else?) (??)

Layout and Aesthetics / Controls and Layout 
- Choosing the right control for the right job (??)
- Why layout is important (??)
- Fonts + colours, inc. relevant accessibility/i18n/l10n issues (CB)

Terminology (GM)

Keyboard and Mouse Input basics (??)
- Relevant bits from accessibility guidelines (CB)
- Default Keybindings (??)
- Guidelines for drag and drop (??)

Reality Checks (CB)

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