[HIG] Mini-Guidelines content

I'm wondering what sort of areas we're looking to cover in the GNOME
2.0 Mini-Guidelines document. Here's a suggested list of things to
include, all of it up for discussion.

- Menus
  - Principles
  - Standard Menus
- Dialogs
  - Principles
  - Standard Dialogs
- Layout and Aesthetics
- Terminology
- Default Keybindings

Is there anything else that needs to be included? Conversely, is there
anything on this list that we should actually avoid for this document?

Also we need to know what sort of timescale we're looking at. Does
anyone have an up-to-date schedule for GNOME 2.0 development, and can
anyone translate that into a deadline for our work? The only schedule
that I know of is


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