Re: [guadec-list] Re: LOGO CONTEST???

En/na Elnaz Sarbar ha escrit:

> I'm ok with these rules. What i say is that vote number 8 is not the
> vote of the community but a small group of people who were at guadec
> mailing list at that time. 

Not at guadec mailing list but at the guadec website. All the
communication about the contest has been done through the website.
We published a reminder "Register now if you want to vote the Design
Contest winners" - - and we mentioned
this in GNOME Planet as well - .

I'd say tha everybody with an interest in the GUADEC logo has got the
opportunity to take part in the election.

> You could have just chose another person for
> that vote.

31 people have voted by now and this is 31 times more than one person.  :)

Elnaz, what matters is that at the end we have got a good GUADEC logo
and the author gets a well deserved prize. Let's see tomorrow if we have
achieved this objective.

Quim Gil -

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