Re: [guadec-list] Re: LOGO CONTEST???

En/na Elnaz Sarbar ha escrit:

> There were about 300 people in the last guadec and 26 out of 300  is
> less than 10  present.

The statistic to refer is in any case how many logo submissions you had
in previous years and how many people decided the winner...

But let's put this in context:

There is a jury of 8 members voting the logo. The member number eight is
the community. Even if 1000 people voted the overall vote would count as
one person in the jury ballot, the one that counts. These were the rules
being set at the beginning.

That's it.

PS: Elnaz, you tried to contact me at #guadec this afternoon but I was
away, sorry.

Quim Gil -

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